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Buy Lipitor

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*Kills roinnioii rospirutory Cruiii-posUive cocci. In contrast to the penicillinase-limited Gram-positive spectrum of penicillins G and V, Tegopen (sodium cloxacillin monoliydrate) destroys strep, pneunio and virtually all staphylococci. Bactericidul in action. Tegopen (sodium cloxacillin monohydiate) is bactericidal, killing the offending organism. In contrast, erythromycin^ and triacetyloleandomycin^ are essentially bacteriostatic agents. Miiiiiiial .side eirccts. There is little likelihood of dose-related toxicity with Tegopen (sodium Buy Lipitor cloxacillin monohydrale). Low in cost. Even with all of its extra advantages, Tegoj)en (sodium cloxacillin monohydrale) is priced comparably to penicillins G and V, and 33% less than either erythromycin or triacetyloleandomycin. Bm>Toi. TiiKlui'El TIC SI MMAliY: Fur ciiniplelr infiiniialinii, ruiisiill Oflicial I'aika^i- Ciiciilai. Indications: Infeclions due lo slreplucocci. imciimococci ami staphylococci, parliciilarly ppnicilliii C-resistaiit strains iif the lallrr. ('.onlruintlirntions: A history of severe alleri;ic reactions to penicillins. I'recaiilions: Typical penicillin-allergic reactions may Buy Lipitor occur, particularly in hypersensitive persons. .Mycotic or hacterial infeclions may occur. .Safely for use in pregnancy is not established. Assess renal, hematopoietic and lu'palic function l)eriodically duriuj; longterui therapy. Ailverse Reactions: Nausea, epigastric discomfort, flatulence, diarrliea, eosinophilia, and allergic manifestations. Moderate SCOT elevations have heen noted. V siial Dosage: Adults: 2.S0 mg. q. 6 A. Children: 50 mg./Kg./day. Children weighing more than 20 Kg. should he given the adult dose. Treat hetahemolytic streptococcal infections for at least 10 days. Administer 1 to 2 hours before meals. References: 1. Buy Lipitor Data on file at Bristol l.ahoratories. 2. Geraci, J.E. (Panel Discussion, M. Finland, Moderator): Aniibiot. Ann. 1%8 .S9 lO.'Jl, 1959. X Thompson, W.T. Jr.: .South. M. J. 56:844 (Aug.) 1963. BRISTOL BRISTOL LABORATORIES Division of Bristol-Myers Co. Syracuse, New York IN TONSILLITIS PIIAKYNGITIS OTITIS .MLDI.V SINUSITIS BHONCHITIS PNKLMONITIS nniiiMc^rmxACii i in new SODIUMC^CLOXAaLUN MONOHYDRATE 3130 COMPETITRE PROBLEMS IN TPIE DRUG INDUSTRY COMPETITni: PROBLKMS IX THE DRUG INDUSTRY 313] 10:38 A.M. 10:42 A.M. 11:00 A.M. 11:20 A.M. 11:47 A.M. 12:01 P.M. _lhere is a new, everyday penicillin for common bacterial respiratory infections. An improvement over penicillin G and V, and the medium- spectrum antibiotics. Just lift the page at the left and read why. 1:15 P.M. COMPETITIVE PROBLEMS IX THE DRUG INDUSTRY 3133 [From Journal of American Medical Association, Oct. Buy Lipitor 18, 1965, pp. 11-16] \
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